CASHE was founded by Giulia Giancola & Vlad Litinetsky, with a mission inspired by their travels through Nepal and an idea of designing vêtements de luxe that would become a staple in your wardrobe, forever. CASHE is more than just loungewear, it is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to transporting beauty and kindness across borders while simultaneously giving back to it’s natural origin.

  • To create harmony between high-end luxury and comfort
  • To deliver pleasure to the skin via soft and lightweight cashmere
  • To produce pieces from the finest qualities of nature, those that require the most delicate of handling
  • To innovate classic styles, with an emphasis on uncompromising strength and quality
  • To curate a timeless wardrobe, one that captures the essence of its divine origin
  • To illuminate the natural wonders of Nepal in each collection
  • To support Nepal by sourcing handmade products from local craftspeople
  • To provide nutritional and educational enrichment to the underprivileged youth of Nepal by means of donation
  • To foster spiritual and physical connections between Nepal and the citizens of the World
  • To spark curiosity & wanderlust through transparency of sourcing

CASHE is inspired by nature and the craftsmen and women who transform it. Our ethos is to embrace the beauty that surrounds us and polish it with elegance and timelessness. Our collections are handcrafted to represent the colors and landscape of a region in Nepal. Each piece is a small token of the endless beauty of it’s source, a modern artifact to be endlessly treasured. We put our hearts into every item, never mass- producing, always ensuring quality and promising an everlasting return on your investment.

From our mindful designs, to our conscious effort devoted to the well- being of others, we’re weaving responsibility and virtue through everything we do. We pride ourselves on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, and make a conscious effort to educate and advance ourselves further in this space – for you, for us and for our future. We cherish our process, from ideation to delivery, guided by all those involved – including you.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.